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Performance as Solo – A contribution to the discussion by Martina Ruhsam

The following text by Martina Ruhsam gives a concise account of some arguments made by her in her lecture at PANik 4 – Performance as solo. The topic that Jan Machacek and Clélia Colonna chose for this performance-series is quite unusual. „Performance als Solo“ – the format is the topic, but the relation between the [...]

PANik 4 – Performance als Solo

Donnerstag, 19. Jänner 2012 19:30 Uhr Studio PORT Siegfriedgasse 23/Tor 1 1210 Wien mit Positionen von Katharina Ernst (A) & Bartosz Sikorski (PL) Charlotta Ruth (SE/A) & Mirja Brunberg (SE/A) kozek hörlonski (Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek) (A) Diskussionsbeitrag von Martina Ruhsam (A) organisiert von Clélia Colonna und Jan Machacek Eintritt Frei! Bar und Suppen [...]